5 starsJoanne P., Natasha’s mom, 2/9/2015  SCV Tutors offers a unique experience for your family. We began by sending our elementary aged daughter (5th grade) to the after school program when homework became a horrific battle in our home every night. It was upsetting the entire family dynamic. Miss Audrey was able to work with her in a way that I could not at the time and she passed the grade. When it became very obvious that a traditional school setting was not the best option for her 6th grade education, we choose to enroll her full time in SCV Tutors homeschool program powered by K12 and IQLA. This year we have worked hand in hand with Mrs. Karen, and our daughter has improved in her standardized test scores by over 300% and the school year is only 1/2 over!It’s also a solid option for those student who don’t struggle, and are bored in class. The after school program will give them the enrichment they need, and if you really want more for their education, the K12 program is designed with international standards in mind. Your child will learn more than you ever imagined possible.For us, this was the affordable, viable, and best option available for our family and work situation.

5 starsDebbye C., 2/5/2015,  I met Sue on several occasions and am very impressed with her and excited about her commitment to learning. As a family, we struggled with one child with ADD and Asperger’s Syndrome and one in the Talented and Gifted program. We restored to home education in the upper 6 grades, but I can only wish I”d had Sue and the C.A.R.E. program available for support. There couldn’t be a better name for her program!

5 starsRichard M., 1/28/2015  I have had my children with CARE for almost 5 years! My children love to go there for all the friends they have made! CARE just has a great atmosphere for enriching and empowering every child that comes!
Bri Z., 9/10/2013,  SCV Tutors will help your child excel at school and socially.  Sue and Mr. Ryan are great and very friendly. I chose this place because I am a working parent and needed an after school care where my two children will be supervised to make sure they completed their homework when I pick them up after I get out of work. During breaks, they provide child care along with academic enhancement and fun activities.  I love their Summer Bridge program as the center help prepare the child for the next grade level.  I have been using SCV Tutors for my children’s after school care, winter/spring breaks, and summer camp for many years. Great place to be.

5 starsStan S., 3/4/2013 SCV Tutors CARE Learning Academy is the real deal! Simply AMAZING!!!! As parents our children are our most precious assets hands down. With SCV Tutors, you not only get a caring staff and safe environment, you also get results!! I highly recommend!!

5 starsMarla L., 10/25/2012  My daughter participates in the homeschool program.  She loves her teachers and the classes.  They are taught in a fun and engaging way.  We have also participated in the field trips and the family dance.  We really appreciate having such a great place to go to build friendships and have experiences that will make lifetime memories.

5 starsBJ Z.,  10/7/2012  CARE Learning Academy aka SCV Tutors is the solution for my family with both husband and wife working.  The after school care Director Ms. Laurel is great, she is patient and has a lot of experience dealing with kids. The staff to student ratio is low and they are able to help review the kids homework after they are done.  As a working parent, this place has saved my husband and I from the stress of not knowing what to do with my now 4th grade son and 2nd grade daughter’s homework and their after school care.  My son has scored Advance on the STAR exam for 2 years in a row.  The tuition is a bit higher price than the regular after school care but it is worth the money. I highly recommend this place for busy working parents and for parents who want their kids to excel in education.

5 starsAnnett D., 8/6/2012 My daughter will be attending CARE Learning Academy this fall, we are looking forward to it. Being a homeschool mom I’m always interested in ways to expand my children’s learning experience.  CARE has a wide variety of classes to meet everyone’s needs. From foreign language to the basics, CARE seems to have something for everyone.  The registration process was easy and painless, offering fair pricing and the option for charter schools to pay for the classes as well.

Nanc5 starsy S., 7/31/2012  I am so excited that Care has extended their tutoring services to  cater to the many local homeschoolers. The teachers are all incredible! They really have their program organized yet flexible to fit everyone’s individual needs it seems. I trust my child will not only be safe, but be learning and engaging in creative activities with low student teacher ratios. We are excited to start the classes in the fall!

5 starsTope O., Nick’s dad, 12/21/2011  Money can be very scarce these days, but if you’re looking for an after-school program that truly gives you value for your money, look no further, you’ve found it in SCV Tutors CARE Learning Center. This center is staffed with highly dedicated and professional staff that enjoy working with kids and take pride in what they do. The center provides a relaxing and fun academic environment that makes students want to learn. My son has been with this center since they opened their doors, and what a life- saver. Wished they could have opened some 4 years earlier! SCV Tutors gave him that ability to approach his studies with the confidence needed for success!

Sharon, Sariah and Isaiah’s mom  
Thank you so much for CARE’s work with our kids.  I know they can really test your resolve! CARE is doing a great service.  I wish more of the kids our organization serves could attend CARE.

Beth S.
I was worried about what to do with my son for summer, and last year I foud SCV tutors – which offered him an amazing educational summer while having fun at the same time! It was a perfect mix of fun and learning and I couldn’t have asked for more!  Also, compared to some of those really expensive “summer camps”, this kept his learning constant, while many different activities and field trips kept him having fun, socially and independently!  I will be back this summer for sure! (and we live 30 minutes away so it was SO worth the drive to get him there in the summer, especially).

Gretchen, Cole’s mom
Sue, you and your staff have been a great help for Cole! Right now he is heading into finals with straight A’s, hoping none of them drop any after his finals are done. He wouldn’t have been able to keep those grades without the help he has gotten from your staff!   Thanks again!

Michelle Miller, Kirstyn’s mom
I believe the slogan says it all…No more homework headaches. I highly recommend SCV Tutors. The tutors are friendly and this facility works really hard to help your child’s individual needs. For me, I was spending 3 plus hours a night doing just math alone and having NO quality time with my family. Now, my daughter’s math homework is done by the time I pick her up and I can enjoy the rest of my evening with my family. Thank you SCV Tutors…you’re a blessing!!!

The Wensley family
We have seen a big difference in both our daughters reading and writing.  They have gained more confidence and actually enjoy reading now.  Their attitude towards school has improved drastically.  Thanks SCV Tutors!

Ivy, High school student
Thank you for having a place that I could come to for help with my school work. I would not have been able to go through Math without the help of SCV Tutors. I will be happy to see you again next year for Geometry!

Keyma, Ziya’s mom
Ziya has improved tremendously. Her vocabulary, handwriting and writing in general has improved. She also received the Author award and that is largely because of SCV Tutors and Sue. She treats Ziya like family. Thanks!

Nydia, Hemi’s mom
Even though Hemi doesn’t verbalize that he enjoys going to SCV Tutors, I know he does! His teacher noticed a HUGE change in his self-esteem after he started going to SCV Tutors. I’m really happy with SCV Tutors!

Debbie , Jonathan’s Mom
SCV Tutors is an amazing place. We were in the middle of the most challenging academic year of my sons life. His confidence and self esteem were shaken to the core as he could not keep up with the aggressive program that public schools enforce. I needed real help and I needed someone to care. I found everything we needed at SCV Tutors. My son turned his learning patterns around. He got his confidence and passion back for learning and loved every teacher that worked with him. The staff here is more than AMAZING! He survived that year and I say THANK YOU so much! We will be coming back for years as needed. We LOVE this place! Thank you!

Kyra, Grade 7
S.C.V. Tutors is a great place to learn! It’s a calm and quiet place where you can concentrate on your work. The tutors are really nice and will always find a way to help you. Being here has helped me so much and I’m glad I came here! So come to S.C.V. Tutors!”

Maria & Brett, Tori & Alicia’s parents
We first took our oldest daughter to SCV Tutors two years ago and she has shown significant improvement in the area of reading and writing. We were so pleased with the progress that we started sending our youngest one as well. Our girls actually look forward to going each week as the atmosphere is very inviting and not intimidating as some other tutors. They don’t think of it as extra work but a time to go “learn more and have fun” as they put it. Thanks Sue for all your efforts and loving attitude towards our girls. You’re the best!”

Teresa, Emma’s Mom
SCV Tutors has been a God-send for my daughter. My daughter has struggled since kindergarten and SCV Tutors has made her love learning. She has become a bookworm, which in and of itself is a miracle! SCV Tutors is a loving family that teaches your child to embrace academics and become their best self. We give them an A+!!

Mike, Devin’s Dad
I would like to take this time to write a note of thanks for the work and effort that “Miss Sue” and the other staff at SVC Tutors have put into my son Devin’s tutoring. We have seen improvement in his math, reading, and comprehension skills since he started working with Miss Sue and her team! His confidence level has increased and we have seen a positive impact with his grades. Thank you and may you tutor many more Santa Clarita kids in the future.

Heather, Grade 6
SCV Tutors is an amazing place to go when you are struggling in any subject. They have such easy ways to comprehend Math, Spelling, Science or History. The tutors always have a trick up their sleeve. All ages from 4 to 104, they have a tutor for you! I have only been coming for a short amount of time, but I know that SCV Tutors is the place for me and you. Remember, when in doubt with anywork, go to SCV Tutors!

Spencer, grade 9
Hi, My name is Spencer. When I grow up, I want to be a Forensic Scientist. To be a Forensic Scientist, you must be good in Science, of course, and Math. When I have problems with those subjects, I go to SCV Tutors. The tutors there know their stuff and are very friendly. They can help you with any subject and help kids and teens of all grades! So, drop in and check it out. You won’t regret it!